Thoughts on old definitions of love

Thoughts on old definitions of love

MANY THINGS could really ever be as perfect as her. It was the sheer presence in her that guided me. The truth in the fact both of us knew we were each other’s. Her lies told celestial certainties. She could’ve caved. I would have gladly traded my life. Now we value it more than itself. Our life as itself. Romantically we were not. Dimensionally…

You are a maiden my dreams

A perfection and inspiration

The one and only in this life

No noun could compare

Truly you are

As you be through and through

A Goddess

The one for Me

and I love You

I want to pick you up and wrap your arms around me I look at you we see each other again get coffee sit in the nook add things to make the place feel more like home eat fruit and drink and laugh and play and squeeze each other with you i love you i love you i love you

Will the work done prevail? I must let go of the notion itself. Nothing is solidified. How could you?

A thousand suns burned in us, the path to say not but what a soul’s companion may. A sun shined so bright beyond what shone in her eye. That day.

Once, only once in a moment never actually manifested.

One that I should have; but did not.

Prevented? Or missed because of a careless tying of a shoelace.

That’s all it could have taken, for a different one to pass.  

Retribution or contribution, it takes One to know.

Photography and writing by Jesse Denny. [the miss above is NOT whom these writings are about ] ©ÔriginalGalaxy2015.

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