The World behind your eyes

The World behind your eyes

As a youngster I used to press my hands against my eyes to see the colorful swirling light patterns fill my inner vision. This light would manifest in ever changing and morphing successions of blues, greens, purples, and pinks, all the while maintaining that dark black abyss in the background, radiating amongst all the movement.

A friend and I discussed this phenomena recently, and we both agreed that the colors and patterns in each motion have become more complex since childhood. As in, the intensity and structure of the light patterns, and how they transition include more detail and in some cases are increasingly chaotic. We reasoned that this had something to do with our brains developing or acclimating to our presence here on Earth, as if the vision is representative of our fractal brain waves at that particular time in consciousness. I then thought of the same sort of effect present during my deep meditations, and remembered that the activity of the light exhibited the same slow, methodic, uninhibited flow or swirling similar if not smoother than that of my childhood. That’s without the hand pressure, it comes in naturally and without force in meditation; it is called the Blue Pearl in Eastern traditions.

We then went on to discuss visualization, and how we as humans can tap into a rich understanding of our personal sight; the kind that Eastern mystics refer to as vision attributed to the Third Eye and various other visual/mental chakras. A great many see sound in shapes, or architectural structure. Some see color as textures or attribute a taste to a stimuli that might normally be experienced singularly; with one sense. He and I both could see visual structure to music waves, especially when listening to pioneer spiritual producers such as Flying Lotus, Bibio, Olan Mill, Kaminanda, and Jonathon Goldman.  

It seems to me that all these methods and senses of visual patterns behind closed eyes are connected, that they really show us other dimensions of space still active and being created. These dimensions either exist, or we have them in our minds and they are in a sense our personal universes. There is the physical Universe around us that includes our Planet, it’s surroundings, and the visible cosmos. Yet simultaneously there exists a mental Universe, a place that exists only inside the minds and consciousness of evolved beings that we can tap into personally, as well as experience our own version of other’s. The final beautiful thought is the fact that each of our worlds share similarities with the structure of the physical Universe, and on a human level, similar enough to share with each other our own experiences through words, vibrations, gestures, art, or sound. It truly is a wonderful life to live.

writing and photography by Jesse Denny. ©OriginalGalaxy2014.

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