The Limitless Potential – I Worship No one

The Limitless Potential – I Worship No one

I Worship No one

but my soul

which we share in case you haven’t noticed

I find that parts of myself have been removed or worked on thoroughly enough to where I no longer function from past standpoints of reaction. It’s like my ~self~ has changed over the week to what I’ve been wanting it to be like for the longest time. Negativity is bouncing off of me and I am acting from a much more confident place. Not that I haven’t always been confident; it seems that it comes from a place of authenticity rather than necessity, which is fear-driven. I start by realizing most of intuitions and intentions right off the batt or according to the synchronistic timing that I have found to be the best for taking action. I feel energies of people because I am an empathetic person but I no longer sink myself into their emotions, I have better discerned who is who’s and can now communicate from a much clearer heart centered space.

I’ve also picked up an old project involving my efforts to introduce new methods of developing communities, and have incorporated them into my professional design portfolio. The surges of emotional energy from the recent Blood Moon eclipse and persistent Spring Equinox shift is bringing an intense yearning for cathartic creativity cleansing.

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