The Implications of the Unlimited Field

The Implications of the Unlimited Field

Emotions really do get in the way of your perception. It’s like a sticky blockage that solely you have contributed to. It’s past hurts, or times you didn’t stick up for yourself. Let it out.

No matter what the cost you cannot be hung up by silly indecisions! Are we the people simply so damaged to understand we have limited time on this planet, that it’s best to make the best of it? It’s so simple, but that pesky fear… How powerful it is, it may not even be a fault. Perhaps we’re taught to fear our emotions. Those who fear speaking up for themselves. To fear love.

At this point in time; you have access to a great deal of perceptions and information. However, it can only be accessed if you do away with what is preventing you from accessing the reserves. Good health, clear mind, vented emotions, and sheer awareness. That is what allows you to truly see and feel what is happening around you.

The human mind is a fantastic machine, of all the millions of details on this plane of existence, in many of your daily lives it chooses to point out a sign. A license plate, a heart-shaped leaf, we see a number sequence, or a set of eyes that seem to stand out among the other empty ones.

We also see loss, degradation, falling short. Settling for lopsided love, or no love at all. Safety. False safety is something that is based in material. We try to help them back up, but they choose to wallow. They choose to waste our time because they know just how valuable time is, but their own time has become so muddled they no longer see the gentle perseverance that is truly evolution. Or they yearn to move on, but lack the words to describe such a need, such a necessity. That is fair. In a stormy sea looking at calmer waters.

What is it in you that drives you to keep going? Where is that space located? What are the things you wish for in the future? Now think about how they are hindering you. Are they? Is it a story, a fantasy?

Meditation, forced bliss states, indifference, these are all things that can help you pass the time, remove subtle blockages. But the only thing that really can set you free, is getting out there and doing the things you were meant to do. The path. You know what the path is. You can jump on and off, it’s a roller coaster ride. You may end up in a Bazaar in Bangladesh giving a water birth, you might find a sacred waterfall, you might find. What it is. You’re looking for.

Waiting for that time that you know could be. If only and if, that person did this or if I only could do this. In the past. Thinking in the past. In the future.

You deserve better.

Find your presence and make it unthreatened, not thwarted by anything. Let all feelings out, no matter what the reaction of another. Continuation and progress does not require a linear path of connection, but self-presence.

There is a space between what you know and what you think you know because it’s what other’s have known. You adopted it, because it resonated at the time. Another time, another you, another other you.

Love everybody.


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