This love is new, it is sent from all the guides and angels connected to something much bigger than here, on this tired Planet. I slump into a comfortable night’s death and it is whispered in my ear upon my waking moment each morning. I dream with you, your presence mysteriously hidden, a thousand of you in the forest, behind the trees, a seductive eye shining through the foliage of a bush. Saying to me, “I am here, but you must find yourself in the chaos of your own being before I will emerge from this thicket.” You say this without saying it, this goes against everything I have come to know about love, but again, this love is new, so I trust in your demons; my smart demons, the things that lurk in the shadows and wave a hand, startling all the every essences of my being. Because of you, I see them as lesser worries, things to heal, say farewell to with batting lashes for there is no time for darkness, but in darkness we find the light that’s there, illumined as if attached to our heads like a fabled donkey’s carrot. This time however, the donkey musters the courage and mental fortitude to understand the reason why he is duped, and swings the evil carrot contraption at its base, which is he, until it is within chewing distance and enjoys every aspect of it, no more dearly than himself.

writing and photography by Jesse Denny. ©OriginalGalaxy2014.

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