Read these poems backwards

Read these poems backwards

If only you could know how much I do care

or maybe you do, ~ we both do.

but i can’t express it

and you can

in sweet, comfortable silence. the kind the woods makes

good silence.

looking back I wasn’t listening to you

I was listening to what

I wanted to be you

a song I wanted to be you

although if there’s one thing I do know next time

oh that next time we all know so well…

next time I’ll finally let it love me true yes I will,

and when that time comes it very well may be so true I know,

you’ll hear my song, and I’ll have heard yours that day indeed 

lady number 4.

for simplicity’s sake I can’t pretend I can win them anymore,

it’s not about winning

or owning

wanting, needing


It’s about finding that note, that song, that place; that field

where you were all along, and then you’re both there

and it’s super nice.

Loving yourself be, is limitless

each interaction allows one to grow

Stability is a key

literality; the door.

Hey, one thing though

not to interrupt that existential bullshit,

but It’s been fun

Call me

I f#$@!ng hate texting

all writing and photog by Jesse. ©OriginalGalaxy2015.

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