Places, People

Places, People

Have been working hard. Old Enough plays another show on the 4th in front of a dispensary. Hahah

Decided I’m going to start the licensure process to become a registered Landscape Architect, it may take a couple years but it’s something to put the mind to. Also, the rewards are I could start my own business without having to work my way up the corporate ladder. Seems like a good shortcut, yet the experience I would gain in other environments would help a lot.

So I’m deciding what type of services I want to offer and building up an image base to start SOME kind of portfolio besides my website and social media. Something physical to hand out to people….hopefully bound and tidy like a book.

As a side note I included my piece from a recent art show:

Hopefully making it to the Country Fair this year. Stumptown Coffee is delicious beyond words. More music and photos to come. Stay crackin’

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