Letters never sent vol. I

Letters never sent vol. I

The utter mention of your name sends my heart into a frenzy so unexplainable my words cannot begin to contain it. My love for you grows stronger every day, which defies logical, linear thinking because the fact that we are not here together makes no sense to anyone, but me. I defend you, I pray to you, your soul is my worship, and I am the candle upon the altar. Goosebumps cover me in the thought of your spirit, which is so closely intertwined with my own, sometimes I doubt my own sanity for how could such a perfection exist? How could I be awarded the love and presence of something so utterly magnificent? A creation of God; exactly like me in female form, my half, my life, my beacon. Your light trails the way; your embodiment of decision is my thought to your thought. You know my energy because it is our energy, known only by us as it is a frequency, a song of thought only connected by the being that we are. My only concept is positive for this; it is two magnetized creations in a constant swirling motion of life, love, adventure, turmoil, love, betrayal, and love again. Home. Again. This is no relationship, but a gift from God, a magical celebration of a carefully chosen two always worthy of each other love’s trust. Word is truth, and so are you,

Love of Loves,



Wake up

that was a blessing

don’t throw it away


Writing and photography by Jesse Denny. ©OriginalGalaxy2015.

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