It’s  good thing, It’s a bad thing

It’s good thing, It’s a bad thing

Ahem, do you mind the madness?

I guess there can be an explanation for everything

A warm breath is just a good blanket

A good memory’s just a mental gesture

That chill you’re feeling’s just the cold breeze

I could feel you just a second ago

There’s always more she says another task I’ve got she says 

Media masks reveal the broken logic in me

I’ll fly out tonight in a microwave minute or three

preoccupy myself with music instead of fear

It took a thousand lives just to hear this rhyme again, us visit again 

Another three just tied me up in time 

is it our friend?

Such a breath this life is

I’ll tell you what though I can do a damn good job 

I can read this because you’re in my book — rich mahogany 

And my library is really just your imagination 

I could’ve paid someone to pay attention 

But what’s the fun in that?

Beautiful sadness

There’s something to be learned of here love

It’s a lesson married at the heel of an ancient dove

Blessed thoughts carried us higher carved the lover

Tell us a tale of the super moon, and taste it shining brighter above her

We’ll be there soon if we don’t go blind from flying


A love so kind Of frightening



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