December Update

December Update

So I’m going to be doing a lot more texturized shots in the next few weeks. I’m going closer into detail and closer into objects instead of open landscapes and interesting rooms. Photography blog:

I’ve also just got some shattered tiles that came from a shower and a bathroom countertop; I’m going to use these to create a mosaic table top on two end tables, and a coffee table from my Grandma (the tops are beat up and stained). I may even do a photo transfer onto the tile because it’s all white and I want to add color to everything! I’ve taken pictures of the tile and I’ll upload process as it’s being made. 

This scheme of photos is from a beach trip to the Oregon coast some months ago. I swam and it was so refreshingly cold! Healing cold! Friends and I made this fort, I dragged that piece of driftwood from so far down the beach I just about died by the time we had it up to complete the little love shelter shack. 

Just after we finished it a freak storm came in  and this whole beach was fogged out! Couldn’t see anyone and it went from a pristine day to zero people and drenching wet.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more of everything to come.

Jesse Denny aka Jcdpicks

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