Constellation Community

Constellation Community


An idea keeps popping up, it’s about some serious change in the way we see and structure our communities. Right now I see fragmentation of land uses causing struggle in the success local businesses and stress to the environment. I also see turmoil in the social and political structure of our society, causing hierarchy amongst our species as a human race, causing many poor souls to believe we’re something else…not human, not able to freely determine, intellectualize, and imagine who we truly are. I see relationships with such strength only the cosmos could break them, and others not so fortunate struggling with countless etiquette systems and social structures, controlled like they are legal property. I heard that kind of idea ended along when MLK ignited that revolution!

It’s not that the dreams of our pioneer social activists are done-for and our planet is lost to environmental degraders. The dreams are still in progress, they’re still being co-created; imagined and brought to reality by the leading thinkers and be-ers of the age. The time for change is always now and the ability to get it going is only getting better. Our civilization is the most connected it’s been since the ancient ways were lost, the shift is real and we must gradually transform the way we live as individuals, so we can live as multi-dimensional beings.

My vision for communities is like a web, a host of important pathways connect us around the globe, which roughly constructs a grid. At each meeting of the grid we have a city or a community with it’s own set of people, it’s own systems for dealing with waste, water, energy, food, and living. Sounding familiar? These places have issues too, nothing is perfect, so each community hosts events & festivals to discuss, take action upon, or celebrate the issue. 

Let’s say for instance there’s a river that’s heavily polluted from an abandoned industrial area nearby. A discussion would be held, professionals from multiple disciplines would be brought in and hopefully a solution would be determined. The people of the community should try at their absolute best, to work together to accomplish the tasks essential to the plan because it matters a great deal; it’s in the best interest of both the inhabitants and the Planet because fixing an important environmental flaw means the both of us heal. It’s a cycle, however increasingly healthy the Planet is, the air is cleaner so we breath better, our plants are healthier so the world literally looks more pleasant! The mindset is already being adopted, we just lack the actual facilities in reality. People don’t want to accumulate pounds of trash, but the changes we see over time in our environment haven’t reached that level of efficiency yet; not enough of our communities in this world have reached an ideal threshold for healthy living. The idea is to address each issue regarding living carefully and smoothly, so everyone switches over because it’s well collaborated, created, and established in every aspect. Then, you have a good community.

Dispersed, but connected nodes of living communities organize smaller more manageable groups of people. If things don’t go well with someone, the people involved can work to acknowledge whatever disagreement they may have. If the inhabitants work well together then the community thrives and is available help others! It’s no competition, it’s the fact that each one is moving towards the same goal, which is improvement. No massive, globalized production and corporate dominance. Just people developing and building at a comfortable pace. No leaders and hierarchy of importance, because every task is necessary and the goal is realized by everyone collectively.

writing, photography, and diagrams by Jesse Denny. ©OriginalGalaxy2014.

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