I have been having some interesting conversations with friends and random people about spiritual connections and the future of the planet. Climate change and scare tactics have been changing a lot of things lately so I sat down and wrote this:

Enhanced skill-set of a self controlled persona.

The ego, as people call it is not a dominant aspect unless one allows themselves to be manipulated by its basic thoughts regarding survival, lust, greed, needs etc. The ego as I see it now, is the vehicle in which development of one’s personal values, discipline, communication, and overall health depends upon for a successful journey through life. The core self, some call it the soul or further on in metaphysical scale, one’s essence is another type of mindset. Further from the denser processes of the Earth, it is calm and accepting, it is neatly organized and intelligent. It does radiate a powerful force considering energy and it’s form of travel between spirit and human beings. It allows for quick and concrete thought processes and delivers complete and straightforward information.

The ego, or personality of an individual body, not the core self of the body, knows its basic needs and should be naturally acquiring all the necessary materials, objects, tools, and skills necessary. The core self, is a multidimensional aspect of a larger persona, or intelligence. Some call this Source, as it pertains to places and scenarios where one finds themselves having an epiphany, a “download,” or a deep, trance-like pondering of an idea, only for it to be completely forgotten after completion. It does make considerable sense to me that other beings on this planet, as well as others in simultaneous galaxies or multiverses, would share these core selves. The same place as a common home for the spirit of multiple, yet individual entities connected by a common consciousness; a physical example of this phenomena would be the similar traits in DNA causing people located across the world to look almost identical, regardless of gender. Also, experiences of deeply paranormal connections between multiples of individuals experiencing each other multidimensionally have been reported. By experience I mean meeting in other “places” deep within consciousness and mysterious occurrences in physical existence. Specifically, inclusions of these people in dreams, detailed visions of mystical nature, and the feeling that another person is existing in the room, but said person’s body could be continents away.

 My life has been quite a ride as I sit here at 24 years long. I’ve experienced countless connections with all manner of people, whether it be strangers, homeless on the streets, friends, family, or romantic and sometimes prolonged love interests. I’ve met someone and could look at my phone and see when he or she was typing a text to me out of the blue. I could hear their thoughts as if they said something to my face because of a shared closeness. I dreamed of them sometimes.

I ask myself if much of what I experience is just thought formations of a fantasy reality, as the brain is completely capable of such a change of reality. The eyes can even see what is desired most, so as to think you have it all, but the other person experiences a different desire. Thus, both are in unison a complete feeling, both satisfied thinking each other knows what it is they are doing that is helping the person feel complete. When a switch in the frequency occurs, where both are on a different level of their consciousness, perhaps one feeling more individual and the other more so shared; there may be a misunderstanding in physical reality. This is the point where communication is necessary or the unison slowly fades and the connection is no longer shared as continuously. I personally still feel connected to my past partners, but the times I experience them in dreams, thoughts, or presence are much fewer in the years that follow.

 As for the overall point of these different phenomena and their cause for existence? Hmm. That’s a difficult question because its answer is rooted in time, the unfolding of events on this planet and in the universe itself are carefully calculated due to the spiraling nature of existence. What we see is in fact a dimension, and only our minds can see that others exist. Where we have the freedom to travel on the planet, and in space those brave people who have ventured into the physically unknown and too, have experienced shifts in their personal perceptions. That being said, many things are connected, but not everything. Thus for our digital, physical, and chromosomal evolution to take us further into connection and similarity makes complete sense. The more we feel similar and understood by each other, the closer we can be to returning our services to a dedicated, collaborative setting in service to the planet.

 What we do have connecting all of us, is existence itself. The sheer whole of it all, this planet, the others, those of other galaxies we have sighted, what lies behind the black holes, the fabric of anon-linear format in time and dimension? Tiny particulate matter solidified in time expanding. It’s all so fantastical and mysterious isn’t it? The world as we know it, is a giant playground of swirling bright and colorful substance.

 I am completely confident in humankind and their ability to survive the changes necessary in the coming future. Earth is going through an extreme change wholly. There are more frequent earthquakes, greater natural disasters, shifts in the timing of seasons, and abnormal functioning of plants and animals gaining in occurrence. There is much pollution harming specific areas of our infrastructural locations, and taking it further away where much of it is usually transported elsewhere by water. The only ways in which for this pollution to go away is time, introduction of toxin cleansing land systems by human involvement to speed the process, or a complete natural occurrence in which the toxins are brought deeper into denser sub terrain, and better refinement and recycling of the toxins we create in the future. Substance can be broken down, current technology I predict, will swing its focus more towards reducing our waste materials to more basic forms of usable material. Our forms of communication and transportation will be the next leap forward, eradicating the car and more towards a gravitational type vehicle that would use magnetic fields or matter itself as a means to propel itself. I see housing and community becoming much safer, less regimented, but cleaner and lively with a strong presence of the natural world. I see humankind continuing to use infrastructure on the planet but only in a strictly studied and calculated way involving well-educated generations regarding the planet and its many physical and nonphysical workings. The purpose for the infrastructure would continue to be for recreation, such as predator protected surfing and swimming zones in the ocean. Technological development and civic structure would still need to exist, but I imagine much of our involvement with institutions would be digitized in a far more organic way than we utilize now. In fact, I have confidence that our technology will become organic in a way we could grow our gadgets, and the way we interact with them would correspond mainly with our thoughts and movements.

Instruments will become speakers of the music in the mind. Architecture will be clean and advanced with the use of strong, stone-like composite material. Aesthetic will be mixtures of regimented and curvilinear form but all forms of complex geometry and careful organization. As for dress and fashion, that too will develop and the varying degrees of style will be completely non-uniform with people having made their own unique touch to what they wear, if any at all. We will be more comfortable with each others presence without the complications of jealousy, image, or survival because our existence will have covered the territory necessary to become stable as a species. In that, races will continue to be varied with the appearance of new ones, but a respect for qualities of each will be shared among all of the many places we will inhabit. Our skeletal structure will have improved with increased attention to proper care of the body and learning criteria will be far more simplified with better avenues for understanding and furthering knowledge.  

Because we will have a better understanding of, and more evolved form of connection between each other, communication will be largely physical and mental with a need for verbal in only specific situations. Our languages will be a global, even universal standard with evolution still occurring. Feeling will be wholeheartedly come from a clear and connected center within oneself as the source of their energy and force. Other energy sources will exist that relate with our own but they will be less important and more omnipresent, almost fueled and altered by our own energy. Our mental capabilities will have increased and we will have more control, but less formulated or self-centered thoughts as to what to do with it. Our presence and experience of the world will become more intimate, in some ways symbiotic with its organic structure and make-up. We will eventually reach the point where we won’t require external transportation at all, and physical travel will be entirely dimension based, as well as our need for sustenance. As our species continues to inherit more and more traits of a highly advanced universal entity, we will have become humbly a great species of travel, light and energy, resources, and wise cultural folklore as loving reflections of our ever-growing frontier of environments to explore.

I know that sounds fantastical, but if you think about the way things have gone, it’s not all that out of earshot. Consider it for a moment even though it is only my image of what is to come. I do hope though that it helps you formulate your own positive image of what our future will hold, as it is in our hands now.

Currently feelings of survival are scary because we are not in a stable environment as created by ourselves from unstable mindsets. I see in the near future our reliance much less on combustion and the use of fire as a means for survival. A general feeling of safety will be reached as the transformation of all of our lives and how we utilize existence will have become less of an impact. Once an effective method of reducing our waste is established I feel a great cleanup of the oceans, space, and our land will occur where we have left a trail of junk along our road to stabilization.

Written by Jesse Denny.


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