People of the Northwest

People of the Northwest

Well, for a change I got to be in front of the camera. A couple artists in the area decided to kick-off their new business with a style show extravaganza. Working among other artists in town has been a great privilege and inspired all of us to push ourselves to the next level. My good friend Zydlei, aka James Danglish used this as an opportunity to release an entire album, something he’s always planned to do, but lacked the right occasion.

The snazzy Honeysuckle & aptly titled Sassafras created the event as a way to showcase faces of PacNW as royal grandiose individuals of style and leisure. Here they are pictured below:

The show lasted throughout the day with a two hour radio spot on Eugene’s local college station KWVA. Musical acts like Soul Vibrator, Wokr, Pluto the Planet, Butterchuck, James Danglish, and my new band Old Enough were given twenty minute time slots to show us the juice. Old Enough was created in conjunction with longtime friend Ramzi Habib on guitar, Brent Long on lead guitar, Cameron Carter on guitar and vocals, and Max Miller of The Great Hiatum on bass. We contributed fourteen minutes of original unheard sound for the show. It was an absolute pleasure to play live in the tiny room we crammed five musicians’ sweat and gear. 

The style show later in the evening was very nicely put together with repurposed window casings as decoration for the runway. The models were all fantastic, sporting hipped out wear corresponding our love of feathers, skulls, and colorful clothing with indigenous patterns. I also got a chance to see the other pieces artists had created for the occasion, which were all intriguing and impressively well done. 

The real art however, was in the faces of those involved in the photoshoots and the fashion walk. We had a wonderful turn out and I hope to see more images from the event released in the week to come. Here are some images that stood out to me from shoots used as promo for the main event:

It was a great pleasure to see familiar faces dressed in shiny foil and flashy clothing, and even more to meet the unfamiliar really taking the concept to the next level. This event made my community seem more vibrant and skilled by revealing those who wouldn’t normally be showcased, because let’s face it, Eugene’s art scene is a little lacking and I appreciate the effort to step it up.

Photos by Athena Delene.

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