Comfort is in the dark. The worst nightmares are really just preparations for the journey. It’s exciting.


Also; I’ve been really wanting make my own work table for a long time so I went about it. All out bought the legs and milled eighteen 2x4s for the table top. Ran each side through a planer to get the surfaces flat, and “clean cut” edges. Each is just kiln-dried Doug Fir I got for $2.64/ea. Next step is to glue and clamp each board on-edge side by side. This is a great work table set-up because it’s about 3.25″ thick and however many 1.25″ boards wide *after planing. So it’s big, it’s extremely durable and will hold a lot of weight, plus it’ll look sharp.

The shavings will make some good compost. Once glued and nailed together, the ends are cut all at once and the table will be sanded in rough areas only, I want to preserve the nicks. Lastly I’ll give it a coat of some gray tinted wood stain, the legs will be painted shoelace white. 


Featured photo is from a visit to Chihuly Garden & Glass exhibit in Seattle. I visited my cousins and aunt for a few days. More pictures of it below:


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